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Operation Hours

365 Days 7 Days a week

10.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.


Location - MALAYSIA

Sarawak State map

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Miri City map

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Welcome to Planet Cafe - the first internet cyber cafe in Sarawak the state of Malaysia.  Founded since Year 1997.  It has been going through tremendous changes in its technology and computer updates.  It is currently and contemporarily  the cheapest internet cafe in Miri City.  The internet cafe offers a lot of services which are to be fulfilling customers needs.  The staffs of Planet Cafe Team are performing the best effort to achieve customers satisfaction from time to time.  Thanks for spending at Planet Cafe.  We are always your best solution partners.


  • Internet Surfing
    - Email
    - Telnet
    - MSN Messenger
    - Yahoo Messenger
    - IRC (mIRC)
      - Dalnet
      - Undernet
      - Efnet & All servers


  • ICQ
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • WebPages Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Provided Internet Assistance
  • A lot more services

Address and Contact

Lot 1.27, 1st Floor Bintang Plaza, 98000 Miri.  Sarawak.  Malaysia.

Tel:  6085-412260